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We are dedicated to serving YOU, who serve US.  Thank you for your service! 
We our proud to be your one source for all of your muscle building
nutritional supplements,  accessories, apparel and much more!  

We are here to motivate you and bring you the best supplements, apparel &
accessories on the market today.  Get the job done right, while doing it in style!

We have what you need at the best price, with prompt and courteous service! 
This gear is not for your average Joe!  

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Muscle Gear USA

The MuscleGearUSA.com Story

What began in the desert as a hobby, has culminated in a World Wide effort to supply the Best Nutritional Supplements, Accessories and the Coolest Apparel to all of you fitness minded, mighty gym & field warriors!!
We have expanded to providing Nutritional Supplements, Apparel and accessories to people in the United States
as well.  As a Husband and Wife Team, we are dedicated to provide you with the best service, products and merchandise.  We have sponsored and set up our display at local MMA shows, Health Fairs and Crossfit Competitions.  We also set up at local gyms in our area to share some of our great products and samples with the public.

This site is dedicated to the men and women who serve our great Nation at home and abroad. 
For those in the field, and those behind the scenes who help make it all happen!  

And a special thank you to all of you at home, across the entire country who continue
to loyally support our troops, their families and friends.  
Thank you & God Bless the USA!
Team Muscle Gear USA

Contact us via the 'contact us' portion of the online shopping cart, or you can reach us by email at:  Orders@MuscleGearUSA.com

"If you are just, then don't fear the warrior when he walks among you.  
If you are not just and inflict pain and suffering on the innocent, 
then fear the law and the warrior that brings it."