Muscle Gear USA Athlete Search



 Do you have what it takes to be a Muscle Gear USA Athlete? 
If you are an existing customer of Muscle Gear USA and believe in our core values and wish to represent Muscle Gear USA in your corner of the world.. read on!


  • Are you an avid user of nutritional supplements?
  • Do you work out regularly at a local gym?
  • Do you actively participate in social media?
  • Do you live your life with honor and integrity?
  • Do you stay away from things that would be viewed negatively by society?


If you answered YES to all of the above, then you may be invited to become a Team Muscle Gear USA Athlete!  We are searching for the select few to try new products, spread the word about our stores and enjoy the privileges of being part of our Team.


What’s in it for you?  By becoming a Muscle Gear USA Athlete, you are agreeing to represent us at events, gyms, social media and more.  We are building our team one person at a time. 

As a MG Athlete, you will:

  • Free monthly T-shirts
  • First dib’s on major promo’s/discounts
  • Receive special discounts on all products:
  • Free monthly product sample assortments
  • Receive payment for working Gym Booths (optional)
  • An online discount code for your family & friends
  • May be featured on MG social media


What we require:

Drug free, clean, athletic appearance with no criminal history

Strong social values and belief system

Live life with honor, dignity, respect and enthusiasm!

Frequent social media posts

Share our posts

Work Gym Booths (optional)

Be present at events (optional)

Wear/display Muscle Gear USA branded merchandise

Spread the good word of our retail and online stores


If this interests you, please complete the initial questionnaire on the reverse side of this document and give it to a member of our team at any of our retail stores; or email us at


Muscle Gear USA Athlete Questionnaire



Address:___________________________________ City:______________________ ST:____ Zip:______


Cell #:_________________________ iPhone: Yes / No

Email: ___________________________________


Social media platforms used:                            Checkmarka(the red circles) if you follow “musclegearusa”













% Used






# Followers






Total  Posts






# Posts/Shares Per Day







Current employer:__________________________________________ Since:_______________________


What gym(s) do you belong to & which gym location do you frequent? ___________________________


Which Muscle Gear Store do you shop at (circle)      

Florence            Newport            Anderson               Mason


How long have you been shopping with us? ________________

Have you referred others? __________


Supplement use history:_____________________________________________


Favorite supplements:_______________________________________________


Why you think you would be a good candidate to become a Muscle Gear USA Athlete:­­­­­­__________________________________________________________






 Photo’s and Video’s must be text to: 513-526-6765


*Disclaimer: Not all applicants will be selected. If selected, you will initially be at a Level 1 MG Athlete which has a term of 1 month.  All Level 1 Athletes will be evaluated following their 1 month term to determine if they receive placement in Level 2.  If Level 2 assignment if given, this period shall be 2 months in duration.  Level 3 and above will be assigned as earned.*Muscle Gear USA reserves the right to instantly terminate the Athlete Agreement if Athlete violates any of our core values, or behaves in a manner contrary to what MG USA stands for.  Honor, Integrity, Health, Fitness, remaining in a state of readiness and always faithful to God, Family & Country.  Approval process is between 7-14 days, but may vary and take longer to process paperwork.  You will be notified by email, if chosen.