Newbolic Deer Antler Extract 50 mg

Newbolic Deer Antler Extract 50 mg


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Key Benefits of Newbolic:

- Helps Improve Muscle Recovery*

- Helps Improve Fat Loss*

- Helps Reduce Fatigue*

- Helps Enhance Immune System*

- Helps Improve Muscle Growth*

- Supports Injury Healing*

- Supports Joint Health*

- Helps Combat Aging*

- Supports Healthy Libido*

- Supports Bone Density*

- Helps Reduce Stress*

Do You Want The Ultimate Naturally Derived Results? 
This supplement was specially formulated to aid the most physically exhausting training that only the most dedicated athlete could achieve.  It has been scientifically designed to give your body the raw material to regenerate and enhnance the growth of muscle tissue in a rapid fasion.  The molecularly bonded proteins and system regulating compounds in Newbolic enhance performance for any type of athlete.

All compounds found in Newbolic are 100% naturally derived and organic.  There are no illegal or synthetic compounds found in this performance enhancer.

Newbolic can improve athletic performance by increasing strength, endurance (stamina), increasing oxygen carrying capacity of the blood, repairing minor tissue damage that occurs either during training or in a competitive event and boosting the immune system of athletes whose immune system has been compromised during extreme exertion. 

Newbolic directly supplements the growth factors that are the key to recovery related symptoms. The actions of growth factors are the restoration of normal body processes and strengthening of the body, possibly leading to mental and physical performance increase, and enhancement of the immune system. Direct supplementation of these growth factors bypasses the need for human growth hormone supplementation.

  •     Improved endurance training (like high altitude training)
  •     Improved recovery with massive 02 cell production
  •     Improved joint health from powerlifting
  •     Improved recovery from intense training
  •     Improved muscle definition & maturity
  •     Improved face & body skin clarity
  •     Improved hair growth and health
  •     Regulates cortisol levels
  •     Supports the endocrine system (master glands)
  •     Improves memory, mood & mental acuity (brain and nerve function)
  •     Improves sleep & restful sleep (REM – wake up more refreshed)
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Consult Your Physician Prior To Using This Product If You Are Pregnant, Nursing, Under The Age Of 18 Years Of Age, Taking Medication Or Have A Medical Condition. Immediately Discontinue Use And Contact Your Physician If Any Adverse Reactions Occur. Keep Out Of Reach Of Children. Store in a Cool, Dry Place Away From Excessive Heat. Contents May Settle During Shipping. Sold By Weight, Not By Volume.

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